About Us

INHOM-98 Ltd is a Bulgarian company, established in 1998. 

The glass factory is located in the Industrial area of Aksakovo, 5 km away from Varna. Nearby are major thoroughfares such as Hemus highway and international airport of Varna.

The company’s main object of activity is shaping, designing and making of glass moulds for producing of conventional and special glassworks.

The company’s principles of work can be characterized with the following:

Large experience on moulds producing for a wide range of glass machines;

Optimal combination between price and quality;

•  Precision and technology in designing the moulds;

•  Correctness and accuracy when execution the orders;

Using materials with high quality supplied by global manufacturers;

• The company has a quality management system that is certified according to ISO 9001:2015;

The high qualified engineers working in the Design Department and the modern software at their disposal make it possible to model and create details with high complexity and versatility.

The quality products are provided by specialists working in production. Using the high capabilities of the most advanced cutting machines, they achieve an excellent final result. To help productivity there are included and high-tech robotic systems and assembly lines.

The specialized equipment and the precision measuring instruments used in the Final Control Department guarantee to the customers of INHOM-98 Ltd that they receive a high quality products with long life.